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If you don’t know where you’re going,
you’re on the right path

The life-enhancing nature of adventure should never be underestimated. Whatever you're doing, you expand your world when you push past the borders of the familiar into the wilderness of uncertainty. It’s when the unplanned and the unscripted happens that we begin to feel alive.

Two mates, two backpacks
& one camera

For over a decade, Hamish and Morgan fished, camped and explored the most beautiful, dangerous and inaccessible places in northern Australia. Living off the land, they were armed only with what they could carry on their backs, a video camera and the burning spirit of adventure. From these experiences came the inspiration for a fresh vision in outdoor films and TV. Their early footage had a profound affect on others, and people began to gravitate to their unique lifestyle and ideas. Over time, this small team of passionate friends grew into Run for the hills Productions.

Run for the hills by name,
run for the hills by nature

We're a production company dedicated to creating original and authentic outdoor adventure TV and films. Nothing motivates us more than re-connecting our audience to the natural world and their sense of adventure and wonderment towards it. We are here to do things differently, because heading into uncharted territory is in our company's DNA.

the wild

The road less travelled isn’t just about the places we go. It's the unique way we design and produce our films. Capturing the essence of unusual places and extraordinary outdoor moments is our art. We build immersive on-screen experiences where you can feel the authenticity of the friendships, the environment and the adventure. It's about bringing you with us.

Fishing The Wild Sample Film